Bakehana Kamini's Schedule
Bakehana Kamini's Schedule
VTSS2024 Schedule

VTuber Summer Slam 2024

in partnership w/ GamersOutreach

Growing up with a chronic illness, I spent a lot of time out sick and in/out of doctor offices. Even now, I still struggle with it...but, without a doubt: video games, art, and software development became my outlet and have guided me to hobbies and a career that have brightened my existence.I'm happy to pay it forward to provide kids with their outlets & escape from realities! Sometimes we just need it to cope with everything else going on with our lives and bodies. Not only that, but gaming brought me together with some of my best friends, so they can be a wonderful socializing event in which these kids can form lasting bonds with each other ♥

My contribution will happen on June 26 and possibly June 27, health permitting.
They will be multi-streamed on X, Twitch, and YouTube!
Goals and incentives are described below~
I look forward to seeing you guys there ♥

$100 - Meows Only Sing Along (1 song)
$150 - Chubby Bunny Challenge
$200 - Another Meows Only Sing Along
$250 - 1HR Sisyphus Game (TBA)
$500 - Kamini Merch Bundle Giveaway
$750 - Hand Sewing Stream (TBA)
$1K - Hand Sewn Plushie Giveaway (TBA)

Currency in USD. Donations are non-refundable & those marked TBA, if met, will be scheduled for a later date. Pre-release Kamini merch bundle giveaway winner requires a physical address.

VTSS2024 Donation Goals
VTSS2024 Personal Incentives

ANY $ - Calligraphed Name on Board
$10 - Your Custom Salaryboo
$20 - Salaryboo Accessories (x2)
$30 - Gaming Chibi Emote YCH
$40 - Gameboy Chibi YCH
$50 - 90s Headshot YCH
► a pre-release Kamini merch bundle
► included will be their calligraphed name + salaryboo printed as a poster
Note #1: Board of calligraphed names will be printed and displayed in the office to show off!Note #2: Outside of calligraphy and salaryboo-related tiers, rewards do not stack! eg, donating $50 means receiving a 90s headshot ych only.

Currency in USD. Donations are non-refundable & owed rewards will be delivered in good faith. Pre-release Kamini merch bundle giveaway winner requires a physical address.

- Please select your reward upon donating!
- $20 reward includes the $10 reward, so you don't need to select both!


VTSS2024 YCH Examples